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World Rugby Concussion Management

Learn online

A range of head injury and concussion educational resources to suit all stakeholders. Learn online through our interactive modules and take the online test to access your certificate.

Concussion Management for the General Public
Concussion Management for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals
Medical Protocols for Match Day Medical Staff
Concussion Management for Elite Level Match Day Medical Staff

Match Day Medical Staff includes team doctors, match day doctors and any other healthcare professionals involved in Rugby.

Elite level team doctors and match day medical staff must complete the third and fourth modules in the above list.

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Recognise & Remove

Download World Rugby’s Concussion Poster

The World Rugby Recognise and Remove message incorporates 6 Rs

Recognise -

Learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion so you understand when an athlete might have a suspected concussion.

Remove -

If an athlete has a concussion or even a suspected concussion he or she must be removed from play immediately.

Refer -

Once removed from play, the player should be referred immediately to a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions.

Rest -

Players must rest from exercise until symptom-free and then start a Graduated Return to Play. World Rugby recommends a more conservative return to play for children and adolescents.

Recover -

Full recovery from the concussion is required before return to play is authorized. This includes being symptom-free. Rest and specific treatment options are critical for the health of the injured participant.

Return -

In order for safe return to play in Rugby, the athlete must be symptom-free and cleared in writing by a qualified healthcare professional who is trained in evaluating and treating concussions. The athlete completes the GRTP (Graduated Return to Play) protocol.

World Rugby Concussion Guidance

Our interactive resources will guide you through this, but if you just want the simple document, get it here.

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